Business Owner's Policy

Protect yourself and your business from liability claims and lawsuits with a Business Owner’s Policy from NSA Insurance Solutions Service.

A Business Owners Policy (BOP) is an insurance policy that combines essential coverage options for small and medium-sized businesses.

At NSA Insurance Solutions Service, we offer comprehensive BOP coverage that can help protect businesses on the East End of Long Island and throughout Long Island, New York. A BOP typically includes two main types of coverage: property insurance and liability insurance. Property insurance helps protect your business property, including buildings, equipment, and inventory, from damage or loss due to covered perils such as fire, theft, and vandalism. Liability insurance, on the other hand, helps cover costs associated with claims against your business for injury or property damage to a third party, such as a customer, vendor, or other business.

At NSA Insurance Solutions Service, we understand that each business is unique and has specific coverage needs. That's why we work with business owners to create a customized BOP that suits their unique requirements. Our BOP coverage can include protection for property damage, bodily injury, personal and advertising injury, products and completed operations, and more.

Benefits of a BOP from NSA Insurance Solutions Service include:

Comprehensive coverage:

A BOP bundles several types of coverage into one policy, providing comprehensive protection for your business.

Cost savings:

BOP policies are often more affordable than purchasing each type of coverage separately.


We can work with you to tailor your BOP coverage to suit your business's specific needs.

Peace of mind:

With a BOP from NSA Insurance Solutions Service, you can rest easy knowing that your business is protected from unexpected events that could harm your finances and reputation.

To learn more about our BOP coverage and other business insurance options, contact NSA Insurance Solutions Service today. Our team of experienced insurance professionals can help you determine the coverage that's right for your business.

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