Life & Disability Insurance

The NSA Group is a full service Long Island based insurance & financial services firm.  We have been successfully advising our clients on all forms of insurance products since 1926. The need for life insurance, disability and long term care insurance can depend on a number of different factors.



Life insurance proceeds can help pay off debt, pay for college expenses, establish a source of income, and provide stability for surviving loved ones. The amount of life insurance needed is typically predicated on a factor of 10 times the amount of your income or debt repayment plus income replacement in the event of death. There are various types of life insurance and each type serves a different purpose for an individuals particular circumstances.



  • Whole Life
  • Universal Life
  • Term Life
  • Key Man (Business Life)

Long Term Disability insurance is needed to replace income when an individual becomes disabled and cannot perform part or all of their occupational duties. Disability benefit amounts are determined by your annual income and policies typically provide up to 60% of your annual income. There are various waiting or elimination periods to choose from; 30 day, 60 day, 90 day or 6 month waiting periods, longer waiting periods will reduce the premium of the policy.

Long Term Care insurance is designed to protect one's savings and assets in the event you need home health care or nursing home care. LTC policies offer various daily benefit limits along with many waiting periods.

Insurance companies today offer many benefit options. The NSA Group is here to provide you with those options.





"For Whatever Life Brings"
The more we grow older, the more we find out that we never know what's around the next corner. Kids move back home. Parents start to need more assistance. And retirement could be anything but relaxing.

That's why I wanted to let you know about a new life insurance product called AG Secure Lifetime GUL from American General. With more guarantees at a competitive price, it offers the certainty, flexibility and choice you need to feel ready for whatever life brings.

Click here to check out the short video to learn a little more.






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