Financial Services

NSA Group offers a comprehensive portfolio of professional financial services, as well as product specific solutions. We are dedicated to support both individuals and businesses owners in maximizing their financial success.

Our personalized financial discovery process takes a client through an assessment of their fiscal health, ascertainment of their threshold to risk and a determination of their goals This allows us to provide our client the comprehensive tools to assist them in making sound financial decisions.

Our in house relationship with Main Street Management Company, a registered investment adviser and financial planner, provides a vast platform of professional investment advisory, financial planning and fiduciary services. Additionally, we can offer most individual financial products.

For more information please call (631) 722-3500 or e-mail financial@nsainsure.com.


Courtesy Copy Client Letter - April 18, 2013

  • Professional Portfolio Investment Management
  • Financial/ Wealth Management
  • Specific Plans: Retirement, Education and Estate Tax Planning
  • Fiduciary Trust Services
    (Charles Schwab & Company, trustee)
  • “Adviser Directed” 401k/ 403b Company Plans NEW
  • Qualified Retirement Plans
    (QRP-Profit Sharing, Defined Benefit)
  • Individual Retirement Plans
    (IRA- Traditional, Roth, Rollover)
  • Annuities
    (Simple, Variable, Indexed)
  • Mutual Funds
  • Equities and Fixed Income Instruments