Catastrophe Preparedness

The NSA Group is not only “Focused on your Financial Security” but on the security of you, your family and your business in times of crisis. 

We want to provide you with relevant disaster-planning information so you can be well prepared in the event of a hurricane, flood and other natural disaster. And, be assured that we will be here to help you after any disaster as well.

In the event of a disaster, we understand how important it is that our team is ready to help you when you need us. That’s why we’ve come up with our own plan that will allow us to continue operations even when the power is out or the phones are down.

  • If our building is damaged or we can’t get to the office, we have an emergency back-up service through CSR-24. They will answer our phone and get messages to our team in order to get help to you quickly. We also have an emergency generator, alternate technology plans and of course old-fashioned paper print outs to help expedite claims quickly.

  • We have offered our building to our insurance company partners as a catastrophe location if they should need our help.

  • Our staff is ready to come to work as soon as they can after protecting their own families and homes.

  • We assigned each staff member to a “team.” Each team will work together to handle your questions, claims or other needs.

  • The NSA owners and our sales executives will be dividing up our coverage areas and heading out on the road to assist you with any claims issues you may have.

Please take advantage of the following links in order to properly prepare your family and property for a disaster. And don’t forget that the NSA Group is focused on you!

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